Sales & Refunds

Sales & Refunds

In the event that additional items need to be purchased in the absence of the client – i.e. pet food, litter, cleaning supplies or other necessary items that contribute to the health and wellbeing of your pet, then PetSpot will purchase these, retain a receipt and the pet owner is responsible for reimbursement of these items, plus a €3 shopping charge, on their return.

  • The client may terminate the booking a minimum of 72 hours prior to the first scheduled visit without incurring penalties or damages.
  • Failure by the client to cancel by giving the minimum notice required or any cancellation during recognized holiday periods will result in a 20% cancellation fee of the total amount due, unless such cancellation is caused by severe weather, death in the family or a medical emergency.
  • Cancellation is accepted either by telephone or in writing from the client.
  • If client cancels within the given notice period they may choose to keep the balance in the system for the next booking.

PetSpot carefully schedules our time to service you and our other clients. Therefore there are no refunds for early returns. However if the amount exceeds €50, half will be credited to your PetSpot account and the other half will be given to your Pet Sitter for the salary they otherwise won’t get.

  • All payments are done online through our booking system.
  • Payments must be done 72 hours prior to the booked service.
  • Where services are required long term, the client may make payment on a monthly basis.
  • Where payment is not received in accordance with these terms and conditions of business, the company reserves the right not to proceed with any previously agreed arrangements.

Pet sitter home care for critters and caged animals are charged for each 24 hour period.

  • An overnight home stay for less than 24 hours will be charged the 24 hour fee.
  • Departures less than 6 hours over the 24 hour period will be charged a 30-minute pet visit.
  • Departures more than 6 hours over the 24 hour period will be charged a 1-hour pet visit.
  • An extra €5 fee for excessive cleaning requirements caused by Client’s pet like diarrhea, vomit, getting into the trash, etc will be added to the visit, provided that we have pictures of the mess.
  • If supplies run out like dog food or cat litter the client shall reimburse PetSpot upon production of a receipt for the items plus a €3 shopping charge.
  • Dog Walks for three or more dogs will cost €3 extra per additional dog.
  • Dog Training in Limassol is €10 extra due to driving costs and time.