Dog Training Workshop for Sirius Dog Sanctuary at FICO Cafe Resto

We spent a lovely afternoon with Sirius Dog Sanctuary at Fico Café Resto. The workshop was an eye-opening experience for many and we managed to answer quite a few common questions about certain dog behaviors and the biggest mistakes people do when handling their dogs.
To us, it’s important that we are all aware of how canines think and how we best can get a behavior change in our dogs.

Together, we raised over 200€ to the dogs in need at the shelter!
Thank you all for coming, and a big shout out to Fico, the sweets were amazing! We look forward seeing you all again.

Sirius Dog Sanctuary public dog walk event

This weekend we participated in Sirius Dog Sanctuary public dog walk event. It was a lovely day in the green fields surrounding Sirius facilities and down by the ocean. We got to meet great people and dogs… We even manage to squeeze in some dog training for some very special dogs that are up for adoption.

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German Shepherd Rescue Cyprus (GSDRC) dog walk event

Last weekend we participated in German Shepherd Rescue Cyprus (GSDRC) first public dog walk event. It was a lovely day and we got to see amazing views over Limassol with great people and dogs.

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